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Surrender to a Truly Liberating Ecstatic Experience

Hampshire Tantric Yoni Massage

"Sexual therapy" is the new "Buzz Phrase" in the 21st century, but sexual healing has been practiced for over a thousand years. You have likely arrived here as you have heard about 'Yoni Massage' and are investigating if it is something you wish to pursue?

As a professional Tantric therapist It is not too much to say that from my personal experience I have seen the benefits and the positive change in women's lives. Improvements in physical health, mental health, and for many spiritual health too. I offer this service in the privacy of the clients own home, where they will feel most comfortable and confident.

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Yoni Massage About

What's it all about?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for sacred cave/vagina. Yoni Massage, similar to a massage anywhere else in the body, releases tension. However because the yoni is one of the most intimate and powerful parts of the body it’s important that the massage follows certain guidelines — a ritual if you will.

Yoni massage is profound work. A Tantric tradition studied deeply and thoroughly. As a Professional practitioner I have many years of experience. Read in more detail here.

What is offered?

Yoni Massage is the only service I offer as it is intense and totally fulfilling so nothing else is needed!

The intension of the massage is healing, awakening and transformation. Before a session begins there is always clear communication about boundaries and sensation.

I will make clear the intention of the massage so the receiver will fully understand and the space between us becomes sacred. Read in more detail here.

You'll have questions?

Of course you will have many questions and there is a great deal online you can find using a search engine. I answer the most common questions I am asked on the following page, of course if there are any you feel I have not answered please use the form on the Contact page.

Before you read the questions and answers do read the About page first. Naturally every client is different, but every session follows the same rules and rituals and I explain the whole session from beginning to end. Read in more detail here.

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