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What is Yoni Massage

Here I will explain exactly what is involved in a session from the very beginning to the final outcome. I will also add comments that I have received from my clients to help further in your understanding of what to expect.


Solent Yoni MassageI'm sure many of you think if someone offered you a ‘vagina massage’ you’d most likely run far, far away or possibly slap them. Yes it does sound very dodgy. Yet vagina massages are a thing – and they are much more than a sexual experience. This is something I suggest you Google, as there is a host of information, usually provided by feminine pages within newspapers and magazines. Happily Yoni Massage has finally come to be accepted in western society and women are discovering the awakening and empowerment this can bring them.


This massage is not to be confused with sex. There is a strong focus on healing and holding space for whatever emotions come up so that they can be experienced. The whole intention is to achieve healing, awakening and transformation.


I prefer to go to the client as I have found such intimate massage is a little more beneficial in ones own place, where you feel safe and at home. Also the outcome is usually so complete you would unlikely be able to drive, or even get yourself home. I bring a floor mat discreetly folded in a case. I will have asked you to set the mood that suits you with candles and lighting and temperature of the room, as you will know your preferences for atmosphere so much better than I. Remember you will be naked so it needs to be warm.


However I do understand that it is not always possible to have the session at your own location. If that is the case for you I offer several professional therapy locations in the Solent area.


My sessions always begin with a 20 minute talk where we discuss anything that you may feel is blocking your sexuality, where you may think you need healing (what areas of your life), how your orgasms are, or are not. I then discuss with you about boundaries, exactly what I will be doing and what you can expect. I explain about breathing and being in the moment and allowing yourself to give over to your body's pleasure as I progress. I will ask you to let me know if you are receiving pleasure by groaning, or if you are feeling displeasure then shout! It is important you find your voice during this process. For a lot of women big change and liberation lies in connecting to breath and sound. You hold back so much in your day to day lives that just this as part of the ritual is transforming on its own.


Once you are happy to continue I will leave you to undress and lay face down on the massage mat. I will have asked for somewhere I can change into my loose fitting clothing. After a few minutes I return and kneeling by your head I start to show you the breathing method you should use, and explain again how to be in the moment and leave space for your emotions to surface.


Solent Yoni Massage

My hands will have been gently resting on your shoulders beginning the contact between giver and receiver, starting to create that sacred space that from now on we will be sharing. You will then be massaged from head to toe, including a foot and head massage. Your entire body will be massaged, leaving nothing untouched and stimulating your many erogenous zones, including light touches between your thighs occasionally lightly brushing against your vagina. Warm oils will give you new sensations to experience and feeling the warm oils between your buttocks and thighs start to slowly stimulate the sacred space. This can last 30 to 40 minutes, every subject is different and responds in their own way.


I then ask you to turn over so you are on your back, and here some clients feel vulnerable and in that case a soft cloth can be used as a cover, but will be gently removed as the massage progresses. The massage of your front begins again from head to toe with slow strokes and warm oils. Your breast, hips, lower tummy, inner thighs all receive my attention and when I feel you are ready I place my hand gently on your vagina and ask your permission to begin the Yoni Massage.


A great deal of time is spent on the outside labia and surrounding areas, again depending on the individual. As I work I will see the vagina beginning to open naturally, something I've learnt over many years, and that is when I ask if I may penetrate. From here I use certain techniques to stimulate and massage your vagina inside, feeling for tension like any other massage and from there with your full permission work into these areas, asking you to breath and make sound accordingly.

Solent Yoni Massage

Now the real benefits of Yoni Massage begin to work as your body will open up and release the traumatic build up of emotions keeping you from experiencing the full potential of pleasure and personal achievement. At this point there may be traumas, or emotions from the past that may surface which is why we work together with breathing and creating that emotional space before we started.

Of course there is no guarantee of an orgasm as the process is not goal orientated, but there is always a huge release of tensions normally then followed by an orgasm.

The easiest way for me to explain the outcome is to give you several of my clients reactions in their own words.


The words that come to me are ‘profoundly life changing'.

Yes, it was challenging at first being naked with a stranger, even though Paul put me at total ease, and it does get very intimate. Yet when I relaxed and concentrated on the advice I had been given this simply became a wonderfully and totally blissful experience. Afterwards and even right up to this very moment I can feel the wonder of ecstatic bliss that flowed through my body. Especially in the moment of surrender.”

Miss E

I had never experienced anything like this before. I was very nervous about being penetrated by Paul's finger as this is something I have never enjoyed. (Always been a problem with boyfriends) Yet as the session continued it seemed natural and I did feel open and ready when I was asked permission. From that point on I was flooded with emotions, feelings, and that is impossible to put into words. On several occasions when the pleasure became intense thinking, "My god what is he doing down there?" Then I remembered to do as I had been advised, be in the moment and so I relaxed back into the pleasure.


When the orgasm did come it began so deep inside me, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was slow and I realised afterwards that I had been crying real tears for the whole orgasm as I felt such a release of tensions.


I felt truly emotional all of the next day, but so empowered and energised. I cannot recommend it enough. I have now had three more sessions in the last year.

Caroline S

Oh Goodness afterwards I felt pure euphoria and quietness. I didn’t wanted to get up and break the wonderful spell that had been created, the profound and deeply releasing experience. Almost miraculous! I now know that I am an amazing person with so much power, and that I am now capable of going deeper into my spirituality. The massage took me somewhere very special and removed all clutter from my head.

Kayleigh G

This practice for me wound up being one that was very Tantric; basically I concentrated at bringing the orgasmic vitality up through my body, to rejuvenate my being (my chakras) and to associate with my soul. I know others may not find such a spiritual outcome, but an outcome they will experience.


After resting a little and talking with Paul about the experience I felt at peace. I had a feeling that I comprehended my body, my vagina and my sexual needs like never before (I know too that the development won't stop here) and there were points where I know I could of let go more … perhaps I'll book again.


The next day after the session, I felt wonderful and full of energy. I think this work is truly imperative for women to empower themselves sexually. I am happy there is an uncommon kind of individual that can offer this work and hold this space. We should embrace that.